"The Fun Craft Kit"


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" My daughter was so excited, she loved the watch and she is now sleeping with it. Great concept. Thanks "

Marina Ilainoska.

🔸Why "The Fun Craft Kit" ?

  1. Easy and fun to make.
  2. Appeal to all ages, everyone would love to contribute.
  3. You use it all the year for all events.
  4. You make high perceived value and appealing gifts.
  5. You make you own customized watches to wear.
  6. Everyone would be happy to get your gift and wear it.
  7. You make gifts to all ages : kids, young & Adults.
  8. You can start a Fun Craft Business at home.
  9. All-in-one pack to make watches, wrist bands & collars.

🔸What can I make with ‘’The Fun Craft Kit’’ ?

You can make gifts for all the year events :

  1. You contribute with your kids to make a gift for daddy.
  2. You show love and appreciation to your visitors & family.
  3. You surprise your loved ones on their birthdays.
  4. You offer a valuable gift to your partner on your wedding anniversary (Husband or wife)

🔸What Types of gifts I can make with "The Fun Craft Kit" ?

  • Handmade watches
  • Handmade wrist bands.
  • Dog collars
  • Cat collars

🔸What type of watches I can make ?

We have watch heads to all styles and genders :

  • Men, women and kids.
  • Minimalist watches.
  • Colored watches.

🔸How can I attach the watch head ?

  • Use the pins attached with the watch head.

🔸What are the age recommendations ?

  • All ages can enjoy the pleasure of creating and the fun of crafting.

🔸What are the components of each package ?

  • Standard Pack : 1 Jig + 2 watch heads + 4 Cords + 4 buckles.
  • Family Pack :     1 Jig + 4 watch heads + 8 Cords + 10 buckles + 1 watch box.

🔸How many watches I can make ?

It all depends on the band pattern :

  • With standard Pack : 2 Watches and 1 wrist band.
  • With Family Pack : 4 watches and 2-3 wrist bands.

🔸What's the maximum length I can make ?

  • You can make up to 10ft ( 25cm ) watches and wrist bands.

🔸Where I can find tutorials ?

  • There are tutorials in the blog, and farther down in the description.
  • you’ll be notified by email, on a weekly basis about new band designs tutorials and gift ideas.

🔸Where I can order EXTRAS ?

  • For EXTRA cords : here.
  • For EXTRA Buckles: here.
  • For EXTRA Watch boxes: here.
  • For EXTRA Watch heads: here.

🔸Tutorials :

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