WarmCrochet™ Bracelet Maker

WarmCrochet™ Bracelet Maker


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Product description :

Introducing our new product; the bracelet maker.
Using this Jig, you'll have so much fun making bracelets, collars and gifts.
It's a great addition to your craft supplies.

🔸 Here's what you'll like about it:

  1. Make numerous bracelets for various needs...such as raffles, gifts, and to wear yourself.
  2. Its easy to use and its like having a extra hand.

  3. You can make 4 bracelets in 30minutes easily!

  4. Came with a nice variety of cording

  5. Make incredible looking collar for your dogs

  6. Easily adjustable and pretty sturdy.

  7. Just measure your wrist; hook on the buckle and braid away.

Additionally, there are endless craft ideas for bracelets and collars, see the images for a few to get you inspired!

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🔸 Bracelets tutorials :

All tutorials ( +170 projects ) :

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